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Friday, June 06, 2008

Teacher or Trainer: What's the Difference?

by , Apr 21, 2008

Having served as a teacher and trainer for over twenty-five years, I get different answers from different people engaged in the field of education when I ask them to clarify if they are teachers or trainers.
Teachers are usually found in primary schools, whereas trainers are found in all walks of life, especially commercial ones, they say. A tennis coach (trainer) teaches you new skills and trains you for improving your playing skills. A leadership trainer or coach can teach you new methods of leading people and help you become a better leader. An instructor gives you instructions for learning to do something while a mentor is like a guide, leading you to acquire insights as well as acquire skills.
Teachers educate people (children are also people), while trainers help them learn skills for doing certain things, which earn them their livelihood. When students finish school or university for that matter, they may not have learnt skills like welding, bookkeeping or managing other people, which they can trade for money on the job marketplace. People have to go to special institutes classified as VET or vocational education and training to learn professional skills. continue reading


caratime2 said...

Hello Mohamed,

This is quite an insightful post. As a coach, I often have to explain the difference between a coaching and a training approach to professional development. If I add teacher into the mix, the explanation gets that much more complex.

IMHO, a teacher imparts NEW knowledge to (esp. young) people. A trainer introduces you to new skills, but also oversees you for a limited amount of time as you practice in order to attain a certain level of mastery. A coach, on the other hand, facilitates you as you feel you way into (and through!) a specific professional situation. Coaching is about fostering (self-)knowledge, as well as accountability.

Take care!

Trina Roach

Anonymous said...

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Mohamed Taher said...

Thanks anonymous. It is good that you brought this info., but strange that there is no way to thank you for this gesture. Grasper link had to be hyperlinked