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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Muhammad Abdur-Rahim Dalvi, 1925 - 2002

A Librarian, author, translator, and mentor. Dr. Dalvi's last project completed in his life time, has been best described in an article in Indian Express:

He believes that people should rightfully know about Islam, as it is. No personal interpretations, no prejudices. Just what the religion says, in a language that's native to the city. And that is why Mohammed Dalvi sat down after his retirement in 1980 and translated the Quran into Marathi - in both forms - poetry and prose.

Also to his credit are other literary works, all pertaining to Islam, written either in English or translated into Marathi. All because ``I feel that there is a paucity of Islamic literature in Marathi, and this can be effectively handled by a man from Maharashtra.''
Hailing from the coastal village of Dabhil, Dalvi headed the British Library in Pune in the years after 1960. A brief stint at the Kenya Institute of Education in Nairobi in 1975 was followed by his retirement five years later.

...While most of us would wish that religion in its true essence is understood by all, very few can or actually do anything towards that end. Here's one man who can rest assured that he has done his bit for harmony and tolerance amongst different faiths.
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1400 years of Islam : a deskbook / compiler, Muhammad Abdur-Rahim Dalvi.
1989; ACCESS:Jefferson or Adams Bldg General or Area Studies Reading Rms
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[ 2 ]
Islamic tales (moral) / retold by Muhammad Dalvi.
1985; ACCESS:Main or Science/Business Reading Rms - STORED OFFSITE

[ 3 ]
Kuraāna Karīma : kāvyarupa āśaya rūpāntara / rūpāntara Muhammad Muhammed Abdurarahīma Daḷavī.
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Sharia : its substance and significance / Muhammad A. Dalvi.
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Sharia : its substance and significance / Muhammad A. Dalvi.
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