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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prof. Arashanipalai Neelameghan (1927-2014)

►►Prof. A. Neelameghan (1927-2014) -- He was a great teacher of teachers in the field of library science. My sincere prayers for him, with deepest gratitude for all the nice and kind inspirations that he offered to everyone. A senior colleague and a great contributor in the school of Dr. S R Ranganathan...

Arashanipalai Neelameghan , formerly Head, Section on Institution Building and Networking, UNESCO/PGI, Regional Advisor for Asia-Pacific, UNESCO//PGI. Undertook Technical Assistance missions to developing countries in Asia, Arab League States, Africa,  Latin America and the Caribbean sponsored by UNESCO/PGI, UNDP, IDRC, etc. These missions included  formulation of national  information policies, development of information institutions, organizing and teaching in national and regional training workshops in information studies. Established a regional post-graduate programme for training science information specialists in South Asia at the University of Philippines in Manila, the School of Information Studies for Africa at the University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a similar programme for Latin America at the University of Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, and a national training programme for China in Beijing. Initiated the regional information network ASTINFO for Asia.  Retired from UN civil service in 1986.

(courtesy: image seshu onter)

Following graduate and post-graduate studies in Madras, India, studied documentation and information in science in USA on Rockefeller Foundation and Fulbright scholarships. Worked in various special technical information centres in India before joining the Documentation Research and Training Centre, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, established by Dr. S.R.Ranganathan in 1962, retired as Professor and Head, in 1984.Currently associated with the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (1963-) and the Ranganathan Centre for Information Studies (1993-), both not-for-profit national charitable trusts  promoting research, lectures, and publications in information studies. [source: inst.at]


Save the Time of the Godly: Information Mediators Role in Promoting Spiritual & Religious Accommodation

by Dr. Mohamed Taher.
This is dedicated to Professor Emeritus A. Neelameghan, a mentor of my mentors, and whose single outstanding contribution to the Multifaith world in an electronic document, OM Information Service (OMIS), overshadows all that is cataloged in the present article.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Lessons from my Marathon by Tim Schindel

Info courtesy: Kevin Rogers.

'Lessons from my Marathon' @ Leading Influence, Updates and News on Leading Influence 
Several years ago, my best friend turned to me and said.... 'I'm fat! You're fat! We should do something about that.'  Then he proposed a competition. He would find some other 'fattys' and challenge us all to a weight loss competition. We each put in $100 and the first one to lose 10% of their body weight, would take the prize.  There were 7 of us that each put our money in.  I didn't win the pool, but I won something better.  After years of being a 'desk potato', I discovered that I really enjoyed running.  I started with walking and decided that I could burn more calories quicker if I began to run.  Like Forest Gump, I've been running ever since.  I've run 5 half marathons (21.1kms) and decided after the last one that I wanted more of a challenge.  My only option was to run a full marathon.  I signed up for the training program and began my marathon journey in January... in the dark... and in the rain!  Over the past few months, I increased my distances, strength and general health. On May 4, I ran my first marathon.
Here are some highlights.

1) Sharing the journey makes it easier.
2) I get by with a little help from my friends!
3) Encouragement is powerful! 
4) Listen to the Music! 
5) Share the love... continue reading

Saturday, March 15, 2014

TEACHABLE MOMENT shared a joke list of '37 Slogans for College Majors if They Were Actually Honest'


"So. This joke list is going around Facebook at the moment, and it’s called, “37 Slogans for College Majors if They Were Actually Honest.” Definite potential for humor there, and since I teach college, I had to click on the link and read them... continue reading:


Click on the image to see the complete 37 Slogans:


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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Robots in the Library: Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Note: This question (Is it the beginning of the end of human relations in librarianship, or what is next...???) is multifaceted, multidimensional and multinational. Let us know if you and answer or any leads to know the fact.

In the above Video's comic a person gets the library card from the card machine, locates the book in the computerized catalog (OPAC), and checks out the book out from the self-check out machine. In short, there are no librarians in the whole process. (This summary is paraphrased from a comment by a Librarian @ ALA FB's page).

Readings (Amazon.com):

Sunday, December 15, 2013

All Religions Teach the Same Truth, Dr. Muqtedar Khan

Muqtedar Khan SOAS: Study of Religion '11
All Religions Teach the Same Truth
Friends in two minutes I have tried to argue that all major religions teach the same Truth. Enjoy and share.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Reading now: Passion Conversation

PS. In short, it is a book about guiding you on Word-of-mouth advertising; Business referrals; and Marketing.
"This book is dedicated to the heroes, the driven, the wonderers, the rebels, to those who answer a calling—to those who wear their hearts on their sleeves and 146 on their hearts. You remind us that becoming more human is the journey to greatness for any brand. Because ultimately, the best brands, the brands we love most, are the ones that never let us forget how it feels to be good people." from Wiley's site: http://wiley-vch.e-bookshelf.de
111853333X The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking, and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing
By ROBBIN PHILLIPS, GREG CORDELL, GENO CHURCH, and JOHN MOORE work together at the word of mouth marketing and identity company Brains on Fire.

Table of Contents: I. Understanding Word of Mouth Marketing; II. Sparking Word of Mouth Marketing; III. Heroes: A Love Story; IV. The Fitness Rebellion: A Love Story; V.  The Driven Class: A Love Story; VI. Wonderopolis: A Love Story; VII. Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing.
About the book: No passion, no conversation. No conversation, no word of mouth. No word of mouth, no successful business.
If you think you are in the marketing business, think again. You’re in the people business, and The Passion Conversation teaches you how to get people to fall passionately and madly in love with your organization or cause.
The author’s mash-up of the latest in wonky academic research with practical, real-world stories shows how any business can spark and sustain word of mouth marketing. Readers learn how loving your customers results in not just building a thriving community, but also driving meaningful conversations, ultimately impacting the financial success of a business.
The Passion Conversation will change your perspective on marketing by:
  • Explaining the three motivations for people to talk about businesses and causes
  • Detailing how every marketing problem is a people problem in disguise
  • Giving heartfelt evidence that marketing materials are now conversation tools
  • Showing how customer communities sustain word of mouth while also sparking financial impact
  • Helping your business apply these marketing lessons through a series of workbook exercises called "Passion Explorations"
The time is now for marketers and businesses to go beyond the product conversation to understanding, sparking and sustaining the passion conversation for why your business is in business.
"The brands that are nurturing meaningful relationships with customers online aren’t interrupting them with promotional messages on Twitter or Facebook. Instead, brands like Whole Foods and Starbucks are using Twitter and Facebook to provide customers with more information about products/services. 90% of tweets from Starbucks and Whole Foods are “@” someone, responding directly to someone’s comment. Starbucks and Whole Foods Facebook pages aren’t littered with promotional status updates. Instead, these brands are taking a moment to make a moment with customers by providing them specific information. This isn’t the sexiest way to use social media but it’s been very effective for Starbucks and Whole Foods to develop evangelical customers." (p. 31) [also quoted at Robbin Phillips' http://www.brainsonfire.com]

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