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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anis Khurshid and His Impact on International Librarianship, By Zahiruddin Khurshid

Lester Asheim, the former Dean and Professor at the University of Chicago Graduate Library School and a distinguished leader in comparative and international librarianship, says that one of the many facets of Anis Khurshid that has earned him world-wide admiration and respect is the part he has played as a force in breaking down the cultural barriers that so infrequently intervene among and between countries, even in professional sectors.
The purpose of writing this essay is to highlight that part or facet of Khurshid in some detail so that the new generation of librarians in Pakistan may know how a Pakistani librarian was able to have such a significant impact on international librarianship. The three Festschrift published in his honor together include 31 out of a total 41 articles contributed by his teachers, friends, and colleagues from four continents, including such library luminaries as Allen Kent, David Kaser, Nasser Sharify, Lester Asheim, William V. Jackson, Harry C. Campbell, D. J. Fosket, P. Havard-Williams, John Feather and others. 
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