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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who's Who at the Library from the 500 Most Influential Muslims

Source: the 500 most influential muslims

[alternative source: The 500 most influential Muslims in the world]

Al colombi, Dawood Abdl Ghafur
Al Colombi is one of the most well respected Muslim scholars in Colombia. He is the most active
and influential da’wa activist in Colombia, being present at the conversions of over 1000 people.
He is the founder of a mosque in the city of Pereira and of the Centro Cultural Islamico Colombian’s
da’wa project. He hosts conferences and awareness lectures for Muslims and non-Muslims,
and he is acknowledged for his talent for conveying the principles of Islam to non-Muslims. He is
also the author of several articles in Spanish and has created the only library of Islamic books in

Benbin, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shawqi
Benbin is the director of the Hasaniyya Library, Morocco. He is an eminent professor, and is globally
recognized for his research in the study of Islamic manuscripts. He has published many books
and specialized studies.

Al Yahya, Dr. Abdul-Aziz Mohammad Abdullah
Al Yahya is the director of the Islamic Cultural Center in Brussels, Belgium. In 1969, the Islamic
Cultural Center in Brussels was founded as an institution housing a mosque, a library, and
information service as well as offices. It was funded by the Muslim World League and Saudi
Arabia, and hosted the European Council of Mosques for several years. It mainly functioned as
an intermediary between the Muslim community and the Belgian state, negotiating the needs and
interests of Muslims.

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