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Saturday, January 19, 2008


"Harvard Business School's Newsletter has a very interesting article on Moral Leadership. Students at Harward Business School are taught a course called Moral Leader where students exchange their business management case studies to discuss some of the great protagonists in literature.

Sandra Sucher is one of a number of HBS faculty who have taught the course. Sucher recently published two books about the course, Moral Leader: Challenges, Tools, and Insigths is a textbook. The other is an instructor's guide, Teaching The Moral Leader: A Literature- Based Leadership Course.

This is an elective course taken by MBAs in their second year. The purpose of the course is for students to develop their own purpose workable definition of moral leadership, a definition that they build during the course sessions and document, at the end, in a course paper.

The course has a unique structure by incorporating learning through literature. Benefit is derived from the literature itself. Through the novels, short stories, plays students ae brought much closer to life as it is really lived. Closer than lecture learning and in a case discussion. Each class is dedicated to debating and drawing lessons from a powerful work of fiction, biography, autobiography, or history. continue reading: Moin @ SKY IS THE LIMIT

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