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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Decision Makers - R U Wise or Otherwise!

NB. If you are wise, you will enjoy reading the following post by Chris, called Mr. and Mrs. Average.



Aug 10th, 2007 by Chris Hoskin
See how you compare with the UK’s IT and Business Decision makers in these Silicon.com surveys.

Do you think a business blog can be a good way for companies to communicate with their customers?
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What is the biggest expenses claim you’ve ever made?
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When you are on holiday, how often do you check your work email?
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How long have you been with your current mobile phone provider?
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How do you interact most often with your boss?
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How many emails on average do you get in your inbox per day?
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How would you describe your normal stress level at work?
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Who is in charge of IT risk management within your organisation?
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Would you be happy to go through biometric security checks in airports?
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Have you ever visited a virtual world?
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How much time in the office do you spend using social networking sites each week?
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By 2015, your working week will be…
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How often do you work from home?
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Are you worried about potential health risks associated with using wi-fi?
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Chris Hoskin said...

Thanks for the link!

I still can't work out whether its a good thing, or a bad thing to be Mr. Average with some of these stats!

Chris from rawstylus.wordpress.com

Mohamed Taher said...

Pl. keep guessing (with permutation and combination), and let me know if it works.
Stay connected
Best regards, MT