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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

19 questions for you to ask yourself

Mary Pergander is director of the Lake Bluff (Ill.) Public Library. Send comments or questions to working@ala.org
[PS. While the following 19 are from the desk of a librarian, note that a librarian neither works from the outer space nor practices rocket science! The bottom line is: these questions can be for you, even if you are not a librarian, & / or wear any other hat]

By Mary Pergander, American Libraries Columnist
Working Knowledge: A Monthly Column about Life on the Job, Column for May 2007

  • Am I present and ready to work on time every day?
  • Do I minimize personal computer/e-mail/phone time at work?
  • Do I limit my work hours, take my breaks and vacations, and in other ways practice good selfcare?
  • Do I set and meet my goals, and keep my commitments?
  • Do I speak respectfully to and about others, even when they are not present?
  • Do I exemplify excellent customer service?
  • Do I use my time effectively and deliver high-quality results?
  • Is my work complete, timely, attractive, and well organized?
  • Do I work cooperatively and collaboratively with others?
  • Do I make good use of the time of coworkers?
  • Do I smile and acknowledge others?
  • Do I allow others to speak without interrupting?
  • Do I return all calls the same day I receive them?
  • Do I follow up on e-mails as promised?
  • Do I encourage others?
  • Am I open to feedback?
  • Am I honest and authentic?
  • Would I want to have myself as an employee?
  • Would I want to have myself for a boss?

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