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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ideation: The Birth and Death of Ideas

I always wonder where do ideas come from. I know that ideas form wisdom, but where to find an answer (about source of inspiration) is a billion dollar question. My librarian's wisdom would take me to The Dictionary of the History of Ideas. But thanks to Nimmi, she brought a book to my notice that has some corporate touch in it (see below).

PS. Thanks to Aa..ha! [Thinking Inside The Blog!]
... Here are some more tidbits from the book....
- Ideas are classified as Problem Solution, Evolutionary, Symbiotic, Revolutionary, Serendipitous, Targeted, Artistic, Philosophical and Computer-Assisted Discovery.

Book Description
Douglas Graham, a leading expert in the field of innovation, shows business leaders how to realize step-ahead ideas and Thomas Bachmann, a financial innovator shows how he has put innovative ideas into practice

PUNCHLINE: In 21st century someone may think that they can cook ideas in a microwave, of course--why not: WATCH the video and decide yourself

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