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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dr. N B Pangannaya: Life and times

Balakrishna N Pangannaya( -2006)


Prof. N. Balakrishna Pangannaya who died due to multiple organ failure on October 1, 2006.
He was quite active and had no sign of any illness.
He attended to the professional work at his office at Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) even on the Friday, September 29, 2006.
It is evident that he was contributing richly to the good cause of the profession till his last breath. See a detailed last minute report of his life at Mr. Shivakumar's blog

A Mysorean; Masters in Library Science (Benaras Hindu University); Doctorate (Mysore University); former faculty and Chairman, Mysore University, LIS Department; a teacher, research guide and a businessman

He was my teacher, in Library School at Mysore University, who taught me the passion and showed me how to sustain it for life.

He also initiated me into the area of Library History--that eventually led to my D.Litt degree (Agra, 1999). So great was his contribution in my life.

Pray that his soul rest in peace, Amen.


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    Mohamed Taher said...

    Dear Dr. Ramesh
    Thanks for the news about Dr. N B Pangannaya.

    I am trying to communicate this news to all my contacts, I mean Mysore Alumni.

    We Mysoreans will miss the trio-Prof. P.K. Patil, Prof. T.V. Subramanyam and Prof. Panganayya--all excellent scholars. They imbibed in us the true spirit of professionalism.

    I am posting this sad news here. But as I don't have any picture or bio, I hope someone will send me, asap. Would appreciate if you leave your comments here.
    Best, Taher

    Anonymous said...

    Dr.Taher and Dr.Ramesh,

    I’m very sorry to hear about the sad demise of Professor Pangannaya. I met him sometime in late 80s when I went to visit the campus and never got a chance to go back to the campus after that visit. He was a great teacher and a scholar and he will be missed.

    Thanks for letting me know.


    Mangala Krishnamurthy mkrishna@ua.edu

    Anonymous said...

    Dear All

    This is indeed a shocking news for me to believe. I had last met Dr Pangannaya during March 2006 when I was awarded Ph.D. Degree under his guidance from the Mysore University.

    He was contributing to the library science courses in the Open School even after his retirement. We agreed to work together on developing some modules on intellectual property rights, patent information and cyberspace, which we did complete. This was the last when we communicated with each other sometimes in August 2006.

    I always found him a thorough gentleman and a professional who would not hesitate in picking up upcoming and new areas like intellectual property rights.

    Myself, my family and my colleagues in the Institute (Dr B.M.Gupta, Dr.K.C.Garg and others)convey their condolences and wish peace to the departed soul. May God bless his family the courage to bear the sad loss.

    Dr V.K.Gupta
    National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies,
    New Delhi 110012.

    Anonymous said...

    Dr Taher
    Thanks for your comments and rememberences about Prof. Panganayya.
    with regards

    Dr.B.Ramesh Babu
    Department of Information Science
    University of Madras
    Ph: 25368778 Ext:278 (off)
    25954932 (Res)

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry to note that a great teacher of Library and Information Science in Prof. N B Pangannaya has passed away. may his soul lies in peace.

    Prof Shabahat Husain
    AMU Aligarh

    Anonymous said...

    Professor Pangannaya was a gentleman and a competent professional. His loss is incalculable for the profession. Our symapthy is with his family and friends.
    May his soul rest in peace.

    Dr. Mohinder P Satija satija_mp@yahoo.com